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🧠 Attention Quiz Enthusiasts! 🧠

Looking for an enjoyable and intellectually stimulating way to spend your evenings? Join us for an exciting pub quiz experience that promises challenge, camaraderie, and lasting memories!

🌟 What Awaits You? 🌟

- Engaging Quiz Nights: Our experienced hosts curate quizzes that will test your knowledge and keep you engaged throughout the evening.

- Friendly Competition: Round up your friends, family, or colleagues and form a team to compete for the title of quiz champions!

- Prizes: Win amazing prizes, from gift cards to exclusive merchandise, adding an extra layer of excitement to the competition.

- Welcoming Ambiance: Our pub quiz venues offer a blend of lively atmosphere and comfortable surroundings, ensuring a memorable time.

🔍 Seeking New Venues: We're on the lookout for more exceptional venues to host our quizzes. If you own or know of a venue eager to offer exciting evenings to their patrons, get in touch!

🏆 Why Choose Our Quiz Nights? 🏆

- Experienced Hosts: Our skilled hosts create an engaging and energetic atmosphere that makes every quiz night a hit.

- Unforgettable Moments: Prepare to forge memories that will have you reminiscing about these quiz nights for years to come.

- Mind-Bending Questions: Our wide array of questions covers topics from pop culture to history, appealing to various interests.

Whether you join us at one of our active pub quiz venues each week or suggest a new venue to add to our lineup, let's make your evenings unforgettable with intellectual fun and great company.

Tag your friends who love a good quiz, assemble your team, and let's embark on a journey to quizzing triumph!

The Cove Bar, Waterford.

Quite probably Ireland's longest running weekly quiz.

Migrating from what started out as a pen and paper to what is now a smartphone quiz.

Play for free in Venue with cash prizes galore.

Every Monday Night @ 8.30p.m.

The Old Forge, Tramore - Waterford

Tramore for a long time has supported our smartphone quiz as a valued our service as a great way to entertain during the week.

This year we are running a mini quiz league every Wednesday night which ties in with our 'Battle of the Bars' live steam.

Every Wednesday Night from 8.30p.m.