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Game Pass offers an exciting way to join live interactive games. Step into a virtual world where you can team up with players from around the country or across the globe. With Game Pass, you and three fellow players can form a dynamic team, working together to conquer challenges and enjoy thrilling gaming experiences. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey of fun and competition!

Join our Live Games

To immerse yourself in the excitement of our live quiz games, you have two thrilling options: attend one of our authenticated quiz venues for an unforgettable in-person experience or join us online from the comfort of your own location with a Game Pass. Our live quiz host will entertain and challenge you with exciting general knowledge questions, and you can watch and listen to them in action. Please note that only players who meet our authentication criteria are allowed to participate, and those found otherwise will be removed. Your gaming enjoyment is our priority, so please play by the rules and join us for an unforgettable quiz adventure!

Once your team game pass payment is completed, you'll be seamlessly directed into the game. You'll be prompted to provide some essential information, such as your team name and your location for the quiz. If you're at one of our officially recommended venues, please select the appropriate option. If you're playing from home or elsewhere, simply choose 'playing online.' This step ensures accurate scoreboard management and keeps everything neat and organized when it comes to displaying your scores.

Up Coming Live Games

Every Monday Night: Venue is The Cove Bar, Dunmore Road, Waterford: Register by 8.45 pm sharp.

It's worth reminding you that The Cove Bar does not charge if you attend this quiz in person.