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Whether you're a software quizmaster or a traditional pen and paper host we've got you covered for everything you'll ever need.

Best Practices

How to Compose a Balanced and Engaging Quiz Round
Composing a quiz round that keeps participants engaged while challenging their knowledge is an art form in itself. Whether you're hosting a pub quiz or any trivia event, one of the keys to success is to ensure that teams can answer a significant port...
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How to Win Over New Quiz Teams and Create a Vibrant Quiz Night Community
Hosting a successful quiz night not only involves challenging questions and a great atmosphere but also a welcoming environment for new quiz teams. Cultivating a sense of belonging and making newcomers feel valued can transform a casual quiz night in...
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Dealing with Quiz Bullies: Keeping Your Quiz Night Professional
Quiz nights at local venues can be a fantastic way to unwind, test your knowledge, and enjoy some quality time with friends. However, one common issue that can disrupt the fun atmosphere is the presence of quiz bullies. These individuals are often vo...
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