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The Cove Bar - Waterford

Join us every Monday night for some Smartphone Pub Quizzing.

Play as an individual or as a team, no cap on the number of members on a team and best of all it's free to play.

The Monday Night quiz will be hosted by John O Connor from 8.30 pm with 75 questions locked and loaded.

One player from each team must connect to our game application by scanning the QR code on the large projector screen, the game application will need to be connected to the internet in order for it to work.

Free Wi-Fi will be made available just as the host for the connection password.

From 8.30 pm the host will begin the first round of questions which is usually 25 of them.

After each question is read out you will have a maximum of 30 seconds to lock in an answer, this may change for audio clips and video questions.

Our scoreboard can be viewed on random occasions during the round both on the large screen as well as the team device.

However, we do like to switch of the scoreboard in the 3rd and final round.


Round Scoring.

In rounds 1 and 2 we award teams 1 point for correct answers.

In round 3 you can still earn 2 points per correct answer but if submitting an incorrect answer you would lose 2 point.

Take Your Pick

The ever-popular 'Take Your Pick' game is a side game we like to play every Monday and this is a raffle ticket game.

These tickets can be purchased at the bar and only cost €1.

Be lucky enough to have your ticket called out then you would have come on down and play 'Take Your Pick'.

Big Cash Offerings or Walk away with your own chosen envelope.

The Quiz League.

Our Quiz league began on Jan 31st and usually runs for half a year with a nice cash prize for the leader at the end of the season.

Here is how we will approach this season.

Each team will earn one point on the league table for simply attending a quiz.

Earn two points for finishing 3rd, earn three for finishing 2nd &

earn 4 points for winning a quiz.

Winners each week will however be given a handicap and will be as follows.

The most recent winners the following week will start on minus 1 point and

For each week they win we will add an additional minus 1 to your starting point on any future quizzes you take part in. (Max -5)

Other Features.

Our game application is constantly evolving and new features and games are always becoming available, if we like some new concept we may introduce these during the quiz league season.


Social Wall - Did you know you can interact with our project screen with requests, send us a picture if it's related to our quiz night and so much more?

Also on our social wall, you can interact with the music which will be playing in the background throughout the night.

Click to join the playlist