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Next Quiz on Thursday 13th of June

Depending on how many players we get a raffle prize at the moment is a €20 voucher up for grabs.

Thursday Night Quiz

Join us for an extraordinary evening of smartphone-based general knowledge trivia that promises to be unlike anything you've experienced before. Our innovative software ensures instant engagement between you and the host, creating an unparalleled interactive experience. Never before has such an engaging quiz format been seamlessly integrated into a single app.

Imagine spending an hour and a half on a Thursday evening, surrounded by family and friends, no matter where you are in the world. Our quiz is designed to captivate and entertain, offering a fantastic opportunity to unwind and enjoy quality time together. 

Don't miss out on the chance to elevate your Thursday nights with our captivating quiz experience. Join us every Thursday at 9 PM for an unforgettable evening of fun and excitement.

Beat the Points

To kick things off we wanted to start with a nice jackpot of €100. 

Here is how you play our Tuesday night quiz at ‘Beat ‘the Points.

3 rounds of 25 general knowledge smartphone quiz questions, each question has the potential of earning you 10 points.

The host will first read each question in its entirety before starting the 30-second countdown, please note that with the countdown the points for correct answers reduce, so the longer it takes to answer the fewer points you can earn. 

Furthermore, if you submit an incorrect answer you lose 2 points no matter what time during the 30-second countdown you answer, this feature stays for the full quiz event. 


Here is where you can earn a lot more points BUT could also lose a lot. 

For the last question in each round, you can wager any amount of points you earned in the current round (Not Overall) and gamble it on the following question. You will have 30 seconds to decide how many points you are willing to gamble, you will also have a clue as to the topic or theme of the following question. 

What you gamble is also at risk, regarding how many points you would lose if you submitted an incorrect answer. 

However, there is a safety net if you don't like the look of the question you don't have to play the question, and points will not be touched. 

The team who scores the highest while surpassing the cash release total of 500 points wins the cash jackpot prize. 

If you win the quiz without surpassing the 500 points you leave with nothing and the jackpot increases week on week until it's won. 

So how many points are available in our quiz?

24 Questions worth a potential 10 points = 240

Question 25 (Points Wager)could be worth 240 points that's 480 per round.

480 points by 3 rounds is 1440 points available. 

Now we all know this is not a winning score we will ever see due to the elements teams will have to negotiate such as typing answers, conferring with team members etc that is why we believe 500 points is a very fair target for teams to reach and should be done quite regularly. 

So come on, let's see if you can beat the points, this and every Thursday night at LiveQuizzing.Com