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Battle of the Bars

**Join Battle of the Bars: Your Path to Quizzing Glory**

If you're itching for a dose of midweek quizzing excitement, look no further than Battle of the Bars. We've made joining the fun a breeze, and you've got options!

**Option 1: Join a Participating Venue**

You can step right into the quiz night atmosphere by selecting one of the fantastic participating venues from our list. Gather your friends or family, make your way to your chosen bar, and get ready for a quizzing experience like no other.

**Option 2: Quizzing from the Comfort of Home**

Prefer the cozy comforts of home? No problem! You can assemble your own dream team and take part from your living room, dining room, or wherever you prefer. It's all about convenience and fun.

**Getting Started**

Our live hosting extravaganza kicks off every Wednesday at 8:45 PM, but you'll want to arrive a little early, around 8:30 PM, to secure your spot. For just €10, you can purchase a game pass, and it's valid for an entire team, typically four players. It's a small price to pay for hours of entertainment.

Once your payment is in, you'll seamlessly transition into the game. We know, we're excited too! Just a quick note: please be patient during this process to ensure a smooth journey from payment to gameplay.

**Team Registration**

Next, it's time to give your team a name, specify the venue you're playing from, and provide a contact number. A quick tip: make sure to use the same contact number you provided during your payment. It's all about fairness, you see. Teams using a different number may not access the quiz for free and could be shown the door if detected.

**Let the Games Begin**

With the logistics sorted, it's time to dive into the action. We've got a thrilling format for you. Three rounds, 25 questions each. It's an eclectic mix of multiple-choice, direct questions, numerical queries, and even picture and audio challenges. It's an intellectual adventure!

After each round, we'll take a ten-minute breather. A chance for bars to serve their patrons, and for you to take a break, grab some fresh air, or exchange banter with your fellow quizzers. During these interludes, our live host might share insights on the previous round and even give shout-outs to random teams. It's all about the community spirit.

**The Grand Finale**

We wrap things up around 10:30 PM after a total of 75 questions. It's been a quizzing whirlwind, and we hope you've had a blast.

And guess what? If you're running a venue, this fantastic event comes at no cost to you! It's a win-win situation for all. So why not give it a whirl for a few months and see if your business can thrive on quiz night? We're here to make it happen, and we can't wait to have you on board. Join us for Battle of the Bars and let the quizzing adventure begin!