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This is the Cove Bar Quiz League Table

Score Big and Win at The Cove Bar Quiz Nights!

Get ready for an exhilarating journey of trivia and friendly competition at The Cove Bar! We've got an exciting points system that will keep the energy high and the stakes even higher. Here's how you can earn points and secure your team's victory:

1. Show up and Score: Just by attending our quiz nights, your team will automatically earn 1 point. It's a great way to start your journey towards glory!

2. Third Place Triumph: Finish in 3rd place, and you'll add an impressive 2 additional points to your tally. Don't underestimate the power of the bronze!

3. Second Place Success: Craving more points? Secure a 2nd place finish, and your team will be rewarded with an exciting 3 additional points. The competition is heating up!

4. The Ultimate Victory: Aim for the top spot and clinch the win! If your team emerges as the quiz champions, you'll earn a fantastic 4 points. It's time to show off your knowledge and claim the ultimate glory!

But that's not all...

To ensure fair scoring and accurate point calculation, we kindly ask all teams to maintain the same team name throughout the entire season. This way, we can manually track and add up your points, ensuring every team gets the recognition they deserve.

So rally your friends, brainstorm a team name that reflects your wit and camaraderie, and gear up for a season of thrilling trivia battles at The Cove Bar. With every point earned, you're one step closer to quiz night supremacy!

Remember, it's not just about the points—it's about the laughter, the memories, and the sheer joy of competing alongside fellow trivia enthusiasts. So bring your A-game, unleash your inner quiz whiz, and let the quest for victory begin!

Join us at The Cove Bar, where fun, knowledge, and friendly rivalry collide. See you at the quiz nights where champions are made!

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