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Ever scream at the contestants on quiz shows? 
Ever wished you could be the person sitting in the hot seat answering the questions? 

Well, we think we have come up with the next best thing!

Using our crowdpurr app while watching the newest episode of 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' you can interact and play along with a never before aired show. 

Here is how we plan to play.                                                                 

Simply open the game by click on
the link the host will provide via our
store. Enter your team name and email
address. Every question will have the same
text as seen from this image, the lengh of
time you have to answer will be the very 
exact same as the contectant playing on 
the tv show. 
You must lock in your answer before the
host Jeremy Clarkson revels the correct 

Points: Each question will go up in value
as a contestant stays in the seat so for example
questions one will be worth 50 points, question 2
will be worth 100. We add an extra 50 points for 
every correct answer the contesant gets right.
Futher more we will be adding the plus or minus 
20% rule. Get the fastest correct answer we will
give one team 20% more points for e.g. be the fastest 
team with a correct answer on question two you will get a
total 120 points, however all teams who answer incorrectly
will lose 20 points. 

This game will last the same as the TV show, so if we get a few
contestants sitting in the hot seat your game will reset back to question
one. Your points from any previous contestants will carry forward to the
next one and the team with the most points at the end of the show will 
be our quiz winners. 

Watching Live and Almost Live. 
So what do we mean? Not all broadcasts are the exactly 
the same, so some households for example who watch 
on a satellite box could see a delay of a few seconds 
when compared a dish cable going directly into a 
satellite receiving TV which is how we will be watching
the quiz show. 
We will also be watching this on ITV HD
If you have a sky box you won't be able to find this
channel on the usual TV guide, however there is a way 
to add this channel, I will leave a link for you on how 
to do that  ADD ITV

So now you know how cool this idea is but you want
to know when our next watch/play a long is.
Click Here to find our next one. 


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