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What happens next?
If you are running a public fundraiser the please be sure to share your event links with us such as Eventbrite or social media links for us to help you get your event noticed. 

On the day of the event, you can expect an email from us with the gaming link that you will need to share with participants, all people will need to do is tap on the link and enter there team and email address. 
The host will jump into the game via video and audio to explain how to play along. 
Did you know you can send us brand/company logos to embed into our game and not only that but if you wish to send us a video of any kind to play during the breaks we can show this to the participants as they wait for the following round of questions.   

At the end of the quiz, we can send a list of team names and there finishing scores for you to organise if any prizes need to be delivered. 


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