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In Pub Quizzing

Some great ideas and solutions for hosting a pub quiz. 

In House Host

Where it all began for us back in 2005, we absolutely love hosting quizzes in front of a live audience and we can't wait to get back to that when the lockdown ends and pubs re-open. 
Our fully trained quiz masters will be at hand to get folks settled in for an evening of quizzing and help anyone who needs it gets the game open on their own device and ready to play. Our preferred choice of game is the Crowdpurr which is ideal for a socially distanced quiz because it offers everything you need without the need for teams to be in particular areas because the screens in the venue dictate so.  The game app shows participants the text question, multiple-choice options, scoreboard and even the countdown clock for both the questions and intermission breaks. 

As a host, there is no better way to get the banter going than being live at the venue. We always recommend a night that is your weakest and comment to one night a week and we are sure this will if given enough time will grow into a great night that folks will look forward to every week. 


Option 1: In house host and provide the quiz to punters for free. €200 plus travel expense. 
Option 2: In house host and charge a small fee per player. €150 and no travel expense.


Live and Online

We started live streaming in March 2020 and have completed over 100 live events for families, organisations and business during that time and now have a great solution for pubs to join in. 

Think of it as just another service to which you can utilize the TVs you already have in the pub, with our help we can show you or install YouTube to work on your screens so your punters can watch and play along. Let's not forget as we mentioned above you don't have a TV screen for this to work but it does get people engaged in it and with people walking in they will be curious as to what's happing and how to join in. 
We use high-end microphones and cameras for our live stream so the audio and picture should like amazing on your screens.
All our quizzes are family-friendly. 

Prices and Options 

Personal and Private. Pick a day of the week you wish to commit to (Subjected to Availability)  and we will custom make a private quiz with your branding and start at whatever time you like. We will send you the details of the private live stream video for your screens. On this stream will be all the directions for your customers to self join the quiz without the need to be aided. (Link & QR Code) 

If you want to offer this quiz which is hosted remotely this cost is €200.
The venue will be reasonable for any prizes handouts.  
We will not host your quiz to the public so that only the people who visit your venue will know about it. 

Thursday Night Live

This is our weekly quiz which is open to the public and people can play from anywhere. Our solution for pubs with this one is to simply jump in. There is absolutely no charge to pubs for this, in fact, we will help you get YouTube up and running on your existing screen if you need it. If a device is needed at your venue so that YouTube works then we will cover that expense too. 
Everyone can play the first two rounds free of charge and we make it so easy for people to join in using the scanning QR code or going to https://www.crowd.live and enter the on-screen code. 
However, if they would like to progress to the third round or be entered into our raffle and Eliminator game they would need to purchase a V.I.P Pass before the end of the 2nd 5-minute break. 
Teams who don't purchase will be ejected from the quiz after round 2. 
Not only is this entertainment free to pubs to broadcast be we also look after the prizes.

Shared Payment

Just like our Thursday night quiz where any pub can broadcast our live stream and leave the punters decided if they want to purchase their own quiz pass from our site, we have one final suggestion.
Pick a night of the week of your choice and offer the quiz to your punters. No link or QR displayed and customers purchase a pass from our store, if we complete orders of over €200 then there is no charge to the pub, any shortfall then the pub aggress to pay the difference. 


That's what we have at the moment guys but don't be afraid to make us a suggestion and we will consider it. 
If you would like to ask us any questions then please don't hesitate to get in contact with us. 


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