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LiveQuizzing.Com was set by Waterford quiz master John Paul O Connor in 2020 at a time when restrictions were introduced for all hospitality because of Covid 19 which meant we had to take our roadshow online.

John before lockdown had been hosting pub quizzes every single week since 2005 in the south-east, pubs like the Cove bar on the Dunmore Road and truth be told this was his first venue and they are looking forward to the return of the regular Monday night quiz when things re-open in 2021. 
John is also responsible for setting up so many other weekly quizzes that he and his co-hosts run at a very high level of professionalism. 

In 2012, John saw the future of pub quizzing changing with the introduction of the smartphone quiz app. 
The rise in popularity of people with what are basically computers in their pockets meant the temptation to google at a pen and paper was so high and this at a pub quiz told us that these change times is either going to make or break the beloved pub quiz. 

Speedquizzing was the name of the app we used for hundreds of events from 2012 to 2020 and pub quizzers absolutely loved it, the future had arrived and once we knew the punters could not only use it but really enjoyed it, many of which said they would never go back to a pen and paper quiz again having played speed quizzing. 

Many people never knew that John not only host's quizzes but has also has written thousands of quiz rounds for hundreds of quiz hosts worldwide who also use the speedquizzing software from his digital online store

People may ask, why is John not hosting the online version of Speedquizzing?
When we went into lockdown in March 2020 Speedquizzing didn't have a working version that could be played online so instead, he searched the market to see what options were available to him that would be. Kahoot became our game of choice and this worked very well most of the time. 
Now we have settled on the Crowdpurr system and we couldn't be happier especially with all the great improvements they have made. 
What separates Crowdpurr from the rest when it comes to online quizzing is that you only need a smart device like an iPhone, Tablet or computer. 
No Apps
No Second device

Everything is built into the webpage and makes everything for game participants so much easier and less confusing when compared to other online live quiz games. 

So to finish, it is John's passion and belief that online quizzes and more importantly pub quizzes will get become more popular with time. 
Every pub in Ireland should set aside one night a week to host a quiz, if you would like to talk to us about how to start up one of our quizzes then please get in contact with us. 


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