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Eliminator Game & Raffle Ticket Pass

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After the main quiz game on Thursday nights and the raffle, ticket game is over, teams or individuals who purchase the Eliminator Game Pass will progress into what is essentially a 4th round of general knowledge quiz questions (25 Max)

This is a VIP style game so only teams who purchase the tickets before the last 15 minutes before the 9 pm main quiz game can take part. 

Games Rules:
All teams at the start of the game will face up to 25 questions maximum, fail to answer in the time allowed or answer incorrectly then you are instantly eliminated from winning the game.
When you have been eliminated you will see this marked in your game however you will be able to continue playing along but without any benefits. 
As soon we have only one player left then the game is over and we have a crowded winner. 
Likewise, if all teams are eliminated then the game is also over. 
If we have a tie break after 25 questions the winner will be decided with a nearest wins question played on your device, the closest to the correct answer will be crowded champion. 

For the months of March, April and May our prize for the last person standing is 
Free Pass: Next weeks Main Quiz - Raffle Ticket and Eliminator Game. 

This game pass also includes 1 raffle ticket for our game just after the main quiz. 

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